Have you got a dirty mind?

You’ve got standards, right?

How important is it to you to keep things in your life clean and tidy? Your home, your garden, your car, or your appearance and that of your children (and maybe even your pet, if you have a almighty furball of a cat like mine)… keeping them free of dirt, germs and mess because of the affect not doing so could have on your health and happiness.

I’m guessing that you place a lot of importance on those standards and you prioritise the way you spend your time and energy so you can uphold them. Yeah?

So is your mind a gleaming palace of love or a manky den of fear?

Yes, we’re living in our physical surroundings but far more importantly in terms of our health and happiness: we’re living in the feeling of our thinking.

Happy thought man by Karen Salmansohn

Happy thought man by Karen Salmansohn

What we think about is what we feel, what we think is what manifests in our lives and we can’t achieve anything worthwhile without having thought about it first.

Is your mind a place where thoughts of anger and resentment dwell? Is it somewhere that fearful and stressful thoughts are welcomed? Are guilty and shameful thoughts given the red carpet treatment?

Or do you see that no matter what your physical surroundings are and despite how others are behaving, that’s nowhere near as meaningful to your health and happiness as your own thoughts?

That’s not to say we should judge ourselves when we’re feeling fearful, stressed or any other painful emotion, it’s far more useful just to notice that it’s all just coming from thought and we have powerful choices about our own thoughts.

Yep, you get to choose…

We have little-to-no choice about what we think but we do have a choice about whether we take thoughts seriously and hang onto them. We can allow fearful thoughts to clutter up our mind like they’re something big, real and heavy or we can see them for the lighter-than-a-dust-mote thing that they are and watch them drift away. Isn’t that a beautiful thing right there? There’s no need for elbow grease or brillo pads to scrub thoughts away because our minds come with a self-cleansing design – to switch that feature on we simply need to realise that we have it!

That we create our reality through our own thoughts and that gives us choices about our reality is the most inspiring, powerful and yet simple truth known to humankind. It’s a truth which will have been known by the all great people in history including Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed, Da Vinci, Nightingale, Carnegie, Curie, Ford and Jobs… as well as thought leaders alive today.

“You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs

You are creating your life one thought at a time – what kind of life is it?


4 Comments on Have you got a dirty mind?

  1. Seweryn
    April 13, 2014 at 9:01 pm (6 months ago)

    The power of choice is not about having high or low standards, keeping the mind clean or not. It is simply realizing that it is nothing in the apparent outside world, that creates ones feelings or emotions but that the feelings come from our own self created perception of any given situation. It comes from inside the formless potential of the mind. Then it begins to dawn on one that it is unnecessary to create unpleasant feelings, that it is silly to create unnecessary suffering for oneself. Simultaneously one starts to see that it was innocently done, that one was simply not seeing things clearly and acted accordingly, from a limited perspective. So I would question if it is necessary or even helpful to have standards for ones thoughts or the level of cleanliness of ones mind. This sounds easily like judgement to me.
    Realizing it is simply not necessary to hang onto heavy thoughts is much lighter, ( ironically : ) because there are never any idea of having to have a standard or keeping ones mind clean or not. It is more of a natural reflex. It is more of a relief: ” Aah ! I don’t have to entertain this depressing thought! Right I just forgot for moment, no biggie. Now I can do something much more fun! ” so if my mind seemed like a ” murky den of fear ” or something ” dirty ” it is not that my standards wasn’t high enough or I wasn’t exercising my power of choice well enough but simply because I forgot or lost my perspective for a moment ( or many moments ) and the moment I see that I was off into the dark woods, wrestling with ” dirty thoughts ” I can just notice that and start fresh. No reason here to have standards or too many ideas of ” clean or dirty ” because fundamentally speaking – nothing happened ! That seems to be so much more important to emphasize in these times where whole cultures have lost track of their fundamental humanity, basic goodness, sanity and wisdom.

  2. Lian Brook-Tyler
    April 14, 2014 at 7:06 am (6 months ago)

    Hello Seweryn!

    Thank you for your considered and eloquent comment.

    We’re saying the same thing :) My references to a dirty mind are just a play on words.

    I could write about the way we create our reality through thoughts in the same way as it’s been said 8600 times before but what would be the point? I prefer to write about ideas and metaphors that have sprung into my mind and that I hope might allow people to see something they hadn’t seen before.

    What I say here is the same as you’re saying about letting thoughts float away “…we have absolute choice about whether we take thoughts seriously and hang onto them.”

    Yes, there’s no judgement or need to feel bad about having certain types of thoughts but equally I think it’s very powerful to see we have a choice as realistically, there are some thoughts about outside events which can sometimes be harder not to take seriously.

    Since understanding the principles it’s felt exceptionally easy for me not to hang onto heavy thoughts – more so than it seems to be for most people – but this week has allowed me to see something new.

    This week, which has been a challenging one for my family, I’ve been in situations which the vast majority of people would have felt hurt and/or angry about (and yes, even people who know they’re creating their reality through the principles) and I recognised that I had a tolerance level for the thoughts I wanted to hang onto and that I was exercising choice. It was a realisation that I had standards about the kind of thoughts I’m ok with dwelling in my mind and the kind of life I want to create as a result.

    That might not be the usual way of talking about the principles but I’m comfortable with being criticised about that if someone sees something new and helpful through me speaking my truth.



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