If your name’s not down…

…then you might miss out on the tea party!

We’ll be moving to the cool new Born Happy towers in the next couple of weeks. It’s been so exciting to see how many of you are planning to join us – if you haven’t yet, then you can sign up below to keep up to date with all the news!

So who is coming for afternoon tea?

Well, the list seems to be growing by the day (word of my cake spreads fast!) but here’s a taster of just some of the people who have RSVPd so far:

  • There will be a luscious podcast of me asking the very smart Jamie Smart questions about life, the universe, his book Clarity and everything.
  • Mr Awesome himself (Michael Neill, obv) has said he’ll be happy to do another interview – and I’m going to be all efficient and actually manage to record this one. Oh and did you catch his recent Tedx Talk Why aren’t we awesomer? (it’s awesome!)
  • Derek Mills, author of the gorgeous book The 10 Second Philosophy – he talks about coming from our TrueSelf and he gives a beautiful take on the same place the principles are pointing towards.

Anyone else?

Yes! There’s incredible talent lined up to craft guest blogs, podcasts, cartoons, videos and all kinds of things. I won’t jump all over you with too much excitement at once so I’ll tell you about a few of these people now and I’ll save more for my next post:

  • ‘An afternoon tea with…’ podcast session with Dave Booda. He describes himself as a ‘teacher, writer and musician’, he’s basically a rock star of the coaching world.
  • Piers Thurston is an uber-experienced coach and has that rare skill of putting across complex ideas in a brilliantly relatable and engaging way.
  • Absolutely fabulous coach Katrina Bygrave is going to be guest blogging about her journey through counselling, hypnotherapy, NLP training and then the big reveal… the moment she met the principles behind the happiness that had been inside her all along.

Phew! It’s fast turning into the love child of The Huffington Post and the Dalai Lama’s The Art of Happiness – I’m not sure I’ll need ever write a blog post myself again!

What’s the deal… why this way and with these people?

That’s like trying to explain the choice of the vanilla essence, flour and baking powder – the magic is in the mixture! I just knew I wanted to create something with sparkle and POW! plus a few rough edges and juicy bits to keep things exciting and lo… the requisite ingredients are pouring into the bowl. It’s been a bit Mary Poppins-stylee actually: things are coming magically to life and fitting into place all by themselves!Mary-Poppins-mv13

I’m not going to lie to you, this might not be for everyone… Born Happy will be an amazing collection of people from a multitude of walks of life, the only commonality being that they’re sharing their own understanding of the principles which create our inborn happiness, clarity and calm – all in their own 100% authentic and inimitable way. There’s bound to be some swearing, silliness and high jinks – I can’t wait!

There’s no script and there’s only one rule: Born Happy is a technique-free, improvement-free, personal-development-free zone because it’s all about the perfection that’s already inside all of us.

Is there more…?

Oh yes! Loads more! Next time, I’ll tell you about the exciting range of downloads and goodies I’m busy creating – they’ll be the perfect intro for someone who is new to the principles and they even come packaged up in a cake tin (sadly only virtual but the contents will still be delicious!) :)

Join the party!

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And keep your ideas coming – everything that’s happening has been inspired by YOU, so please post your ideas or questions in the comments below.

Lian xo
p.s. If you’d like to be involved, please do let me know!
p.p.s. SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! I can’t wait to see you all there… this is going to be SO much fun!

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