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The Three Principles (or the 3Ps) is a psycho-educational approach which explains how our minds really work. Understanding the principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought and how they create our realities can change our lives completely.

The Three Principles was discovered in the 1970s by a man called Syd Banks, he describes it thus: Mind is the intelligence of all things; Consciousness makes you aware; and Thought is like the rudder of a ship. It guides you through life, and if you learn to use that rudder properly, you can guide your way through life far better than you ever imagined. “

It has been used in Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 Companies, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, the US Department of Defence. The results from understanding the Three Principles include:

  • A housing project in California went from having one of the state’s highest murder rates – down to zero.
  • When it was used in business, BAE systems found that the ability for their employees to remain calm regardless of circumstance increased by 90%.
  • In schools, a reduction of 80% in truancy rates.

It has been shown to alleviate most mental and emotional issues you can think of including stress, phobias, eating disorders, depression and addictions. It also appears to have the same affects as meditation – giving access to happiness and calm.

It seems to be so much more effective than anything else out there that many ‘celebrity’ and well-known coaches, practitioners and authors of the NLP and hypnotherapy worlds have ditched their previous careers and now work only with the Three Principles.

There are psychiatrists and psychologists who have ceased using traditional forms of psychotherapy as they’ve seen that the 3Ps does far more than just alleviate specific issues, it actually provides people with a previously unimaginable level of happiness and wellbeing.

Before you read on in this blog, you might find it helpful to check out some video case studies and some of my own clients’ comments to give you an idea of how powerfully life-changing the Three Principles can be.

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You can start working your way through the blog (which has interviews with top Three Principles teachers and posts where I explain aspects and implications of the 3Ps, sometimes visually), check out my own story or find out more about the next steps to understanding the Three Principles.


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